IMG_7166Last spring I was approached by my classmates – Lukas Easton, Keri-Lyn Fitzgerald, and Kipp Wilkinson – asking me if I would be interested in working on a collaborative group show.  I put any hesitations I had in a special little spot to be watched but hopefully not tapped into, and dove right in.

Over the course of working on the show and while the show was up, there were plenty of mishaps and hang-ups (including a 7.1 earthquake!), but I came out of the experience with an invigorated love of ceramics and a deep appreciation for my co-collaborators.

Working collaboratively with others always poses its own set of challenges – compromising, clashes in personalities, aesthetic differences. In the bleary-eyed hours of late studio nights, this also meant stress from lack of sleep and proper nutrition, and terse interactions fueled by failed pots and day old coffee. But by the end of a week working intensely with Kipp, Keri-Lyn, and Lukas, I had nothing but amazement and adoration for these three. It was a privilege to witness hard, honest work; I was inspired in ways I did not expect.